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Furniture Footies Are Now New & Improved! No Logo Showing on the Front of the Ball!*
(small logo on the bottom)

* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

$10 Off
Newest Patent Pending Furniture Footies Floor Protector Pad Glides for Hard Floor Surfaces (16 Count)

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Newest Patent Pending Golf Ball Size Walker Glides 

(2 Count)

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Limited time with limited quantities available.

Furniture Footies is new and improved: No Logo showing on the front of the ball!

(small logo on the bottom)

*Exception with the Burgundy from previous inventory

We've Expanded Our Color Options and Now Offer Three Sizes: Golf Ball, 2 Inch, & 2.4 Inch!

Black Chocolate Brown Charcoal Gray Navy Blue

Sample Packs Now Available for Sale!

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*Sample variety packs available for order, cost may be reimbursed with qualifying purchase.

Call for bulk pricing discounts on quantities over 100

(Golf Ball Size and 2")
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$8.99 / 2ct

$8.99 / 4ct - Sample Pack

$29.99 / 16ct.

$139.99 / 100ct.

101-499 / $1.20

500-2,499 / $1.11

2,500-4,999 / $0.95

5,000-9,99 / $0.90

10,000+ / $0.87

(2.4" Size Balls)

$5.99/Variety Sample Pack 3 Sizes

$8.99 / 2ct.

$10.99 / 4ct.

$34.99 / 16ct.

$145.99 / 100ct.

101-499 / $1.30

500-2,499 / $1.19

2,500-4,999 / $1.05

5,000-9,999 / $0.98

10,000+ / $0.91

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Patent Pending Furniture Floor Protector Pad Glides

Patent Pending Furniture Floor Protector Pad Glides

Golf Ball Size Fits 1" round and 3/4" square

These new cuts of my 3 sizes of tennis balls have now resulted in fitting numerous furniture leg bases of various sizes both round and square that were never imaginable previously with my standard three sizes that have a circular and slit cut. This has opened an entire targeting group of homeowners and businesses non related to educational institutions. With this new line of floor protection, I will be able to reach all facets of the population needing floor protection whether it be in homes, businesses, or schools.

At this time I am marketing two new cuts in the Golf Ball Size, one new cut in the 2" size and one in the 2.4". One of the Golf Ball Size now will fit a walker with wheels! This is the smallest walker ball on the market!! It goes on so easy without removing the walker cap. Just pop'em on and go!!


Golf Ball Size Fits 1 1/4 " round and 1" square

new pic

2" Fits 1 3/8"-1 1/2" round & 1 1/8" Square


2.4" Size fits 1 3/4" round

available in black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown and linen (temp out of stock of chocolate brown and linen)
  • NO MORE STICKY FELT PADS WITH THESE PATENT PENDING FURNITURE GLIDES- will not fall off until you take them off!
  • PROTECT YOUR HARD FLOOR SURFACES- keep your beautiful floors scratch free and save both time and money
  • WELL-MADE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR FURNITURE- 4mm thick natural rubber inner core-not synthetic
  • DURABLE ATTRACTIVE OUTER COVERING- thicker polyester blend for long-lasting results!
  • GREAT VALUE- priced competitively and will out last the felt sticky pads that simply do not work

    walker footie walker footies

    Our Newest Golf Ball Size Pre-cut Walker Glides

  • These Patent Pending smallest walker glides ever apply so easily without removing the cap-just pop'em on and go!
  • Unique much smaller more attractive Golf Ball Size than the normal 2.5" bulky precut tennis ball
  • No tools necessary-precut for safety and allergen plus latex free
  • Prevents floor scratching while allowing a walker to easily glide along your hard floor surfaces
  • Won't loosen, split, crack, or fall off due to a much thicker natural rubber inner core-Not Synthetic

Latex Allergen FREE

Noise reduction is essential to a conducive learning environment, but also a time consuming and often expensive process when done without the proper tools and instruction. Tennis balls have been turned to for a simple, quick, and seemingly cheap solution.

What teachers and staff alike do not recognize when cutting into the tennis balls, is that they are releasing a dangerous latex toxin into the environment, and in some cases nitrogen gas. Tennis balls have a hollow core, which in certain brands is filled with nitrogen gas in the center. Nitrogen gas will be released when punctured to allow the tennis ball to be retrofitted to school chairs and desks, and thus exposing staff and students to the gas.

*Furniture Footies are latex free/non-allergenic and certified safe to use in classrooms, businesses, and homes! Our product has a thick natural rubber core to prevent cracking, splitting, and falling off the chair leg. Precut with safety for all in mind!

Find our report under Product Information.

If or mailing, then please provide an email address with P.O.s.


The golf ball size footie was designed with a circular cut, and when it is applied to a chair base of 1 1/4" or less in diameter, it will provide the student with a little bounce and movement.

Navy on a Walker

  • Prevent Floor Scratching
  • Cut down on your Maintenance Cost.
  • Protect Your Investment Dollars
  • Enjoy a Much Quieter Environment
Golf Ball Sized, Navy Blue

"...The Furniture Footies golf ball size was his choice because the footies fit the chair leg better and ... the other company's product would rip quickly and fall off." Read more testimonials below, or submit your own!


If you have any questions, please call our toll free number:
We do offer small sample packs for sale.
Sample packs include one Golf Ball Size, one 2 Inch, and one 2.4 Inch.

Discover the Difference

The Perfect Floor Protection Products
Furniture Footies much smaller pre-cut tennis balls protect all types of flooring such as tile, laminate, and hardwood! Eliminate all noise and added expense with floor damage when furniture is moved about with these unique furniture glides from Furniture Footies, LLC.

Well-Made Floor Protection
These floor protection pads apply easily with no tools necessary! Furniture Footies 4mm thick natural rubber inner core, not synthetic will prevent splitting and cracking. The outer covering is a durable thick polyester blend. Furniture Footies are much smaller in diameter than previous floor protectors, so your furniture's appearance isn't affected.

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