Furniture Footies Are Now New & Improved! No Logo Showing on the Front of the Ball!*
(small logo on the bottom)

* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

Introducing Furniture Footies® New 2 Inch Size

See Product Information page for more details.

It's not your regular precut tennis ball. Furniture Footies distinct smaller size offers customers a better choice for their floor protection needs. It attaches effortlessly with no tools necessary to fit most round furniture leg bases of 1.25"- or less diameter with a slit cut opening of 45mm. The unique yellow 4mm thick inner core made of natural rubber prevent the ball from splitting or cracking. Furniture Footies thicker polyester blend outer covering protect your floors from scuff marks. It's the quietness you'll love and the floor protection you need!! *Image is of the 2-inch footie on a classroom chair and works well on classroom desks and tables but may not fit some standard home furniture. *Sample pack to test for proper fit.

This will fit a chair, desk, or table leg of a diameter base of up to 1.25" or less.
Our 2" Furniture Footies  have an increased slit length for easier application.

Green Chair with Footies

Same quality as the smaller golf ball size but slightly larger and has a slit cut for application on desks, chairs and/or tables.

2 Inch Furniture Footies, Gray

2" Ball Size
Charcoal Gray
2 Inch Furniture Footies, Navy Blue

2" Ball Size
Navy Blue

2“ Size Comparison Footie Sizes

Chocolate Brown

2" ball size Chocolate


2" ball size Black

They are excellent floor protection products for chairs, desks, and tables yet can work wonderfully for application on walkers with wheels!

Stool with Leg Protectors

Chair with Leg Protectors

Furniture Leg Base View
Walker with Protectors

Will fit a diameter base of 1 1/4" or less. It will also fit a walker base with wheels. Available in navy blue, black, burgundy, charcoal gray, and chocolate brown.

2 Inch Furniture Footies, Gray

Without Furniture Footies
2" Ball
With Furniture Footies
2" Ball