Furniture Footies Are Now New & Improved! No Logo Showing on the Front of the Ball!*
(small logo on the bottom)

* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

Introducing our new 2.4 inch precut tennis ball in three exciting color options for schools, businesses, and homes!

This ball is a little larger and has a slightly longer slit length of 50mm compared to the 2 inch with a 45mm cut.
See Product Information page for more details regarding orders.

Will fit chair, desk, and table legs with a diameter base of 1.25"-1.50"

2.4 Inch Furniture Footie, Black

2.4" Black
Same quality as our other products but slightly larger and has a slit cut for application on furniture in schools, businesses, and homes.

2.4 Inch Furniture Footies, Gray

2.4" Charcoal Gray.

2.4 Inch Furniture Footies, Chocolate Brown

2.4" Ball Size
Chocolate Brown