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Free Footies Contest & Winners

Why do you feel Furniture Footies in your classroom or place of business would be beneficial to you?

Holly Smith
Holly Smith
Bethel Elementary School 
Tipp City, Ohio
Congratulations Holly!
"Furniture Footies would be very beneficial for my Special Education Classroom. I am an intervention specialist for grades 3, 4, and 5. About 80% of my students have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. These students have a lot of difficulty sustaining focus. When a student moves his/her desk or chair it makes a loud noise that distracts these students, which causes them to loose their focus during instruction and independent work/tests. Furniture Footies would eliminate this problem. They would make the desks and chairs quieter when they are moved. My students would be able to remain focused and on-task. Furniture Footies would help to make sure these students' attention issues won't get in the way of showing what he/she knows. In conclusion, this accommodation would help all my students to be more successful in my classroom."
Holly's Classroom

Congratulations Johnna on most creative submission!

"In English class we have a blast. We can learn and have fun at last Debates, lit circles, compare and contrast, Define iconoclast, If only in our teams we can collaborate, But quite sadly none can tolerate When unwieldy desks are moved around And our class sounds like a battleground.  Downstairs Mr. Roonan yells, Louder than cymbals and mission bells: Stop the ruckus and the racket!  For in Math class here we need silence to do our packets!  So our desks we try to move with nary a screech And that's not just a figure of speech! We strain, we lift, we move into groups Sometimes in twos, in fours, in fives minus any Oops!

There must be a better way To do this clumsy daily desk ballet? Then online Furniture Footies we found Our Callooh! callays! were quite profound Furniture Footies! Furniture Footies! They are such beauties! Elegant, functional, durable desk booties! Only to find our school is broke
And this isn't even a funny joke."

Footies Used In a Classroom Footies Used In a Classroom


"I feel that Furniture Footies would benefit my students, my school, my district, and me in several ways. First of all, I have my desks arranged in pairs. I expect two people to sit side by side. One of the desks has to be moved when the students enter, exit, or move around in the classroom. The Furniture Footies would allow much less attention to be drawn to the student that must sit in the desk that has to be moved. I teach mostly 11th grade mathematics. Most teens do not like the extra attention the scraping noises cause. My school and district would benefit from less damage to the floors reducing the costs to maintain a pleasing classroom environment. Lastly, I feel that the Furniture Footies will reduce the stress and irritation that I experience when the noise level rises during cooperative learning times due to the need of movement of desks in the classroom. In closing, I would love to be the first teacher at Greenbrier East High School to experience the benefits of Furniture Footies. I would definitely share the information with my 75+ colleagues. If I don't win, I would love to have information to purchase them. Thank you."


 "We are a small Catholic School of about 225 students. I teach first grade and in the past had a small set of your Footies, which I really liked the size and the quality, as they last longer than precut tennis balls, though due to cost differences and having no budget to purchase them from, I have personally bought tennis balls only for my classroom. This year, our school has consolidated with another Catholic school, becoming Our Lady of Hope. The consolidation has brought us to a renovation of the building and floors being re-done. To protect our floors, we want to cover chair and desk legs in all the classrooms, grades K-8. We would need about 1600 coverings to do this. Most places we have checked are costly for any type of covering. Knowing the quality of your product, I would love to have your Footies on our furniture. Thank you for consideration."


 "Hello! I am an eighth grade math teacher so forgive me if this is not written as creatively as if I were an English teacher! I have had tennis balls on my desk and chair legs for quite a few years. They did the trick; as long as the lovely students did not spend too much time fidgeting them off. But, they were donated so they were good enough. This past Spring, after I submitted the department budget for 2016-2017, we were told that s student with a severe latex allergy would be entering our building. Obviously the tennis balls needed to be removed. I began investigating alternatives and discovered the Furniture Footies site. I verified that the footies were indeed latex free and began corresponding with Margaret Johnson. I finally ordered 140 for my classroom and will pay for them out of my own pocket. Normally this would be no big deal but this Fall I will have 2 sons in college. I need the sound cancelling and ease of movement help of the footies. I am writing to see if I can win a set! That would be awesome. Please consider me a candidate for the class set of footies!"



 "I am Veornika and I am a 1st grade teacher who works at a low economic school area. Supplies and materials are limited and most of the time I spend out of pocket to get things for my classroom. Starting Tuesday I would have a full classroom of students and for the first time I would be teaching a student who is on a wheel chair. He is an amazing student and is very smart and I am looking forward to becoming his teacher. However, my students and I have to adjust in many ways to make sure he has the best learning environment that is easily accessible for him. That means my students will need to move their chairs around many and many time through the day to make sure we can move his wheel chair around. Doing that will create a noise classroom. I feel like Furniture Footies will help my classroom's noise level and will make our classroom a pleasant learning environment. Thank you for reading and consideration."


"I have been teaching for 22 years and have tried every solution possible to solve this recurring problem. Every time one of my 25 plus student moves a chair it disturbs the learning and attention of the learners in our classroom. Just imagine each morning when the whole class rises to Pledge Allegiance to the flag. YIKES! Over the years so much money has been spent on numerous products to resolve this problem. NOTHING! NOTHING! works. The money spent could have certainly been used to purchase educational supplies that are necessary to learning rather than products that have not guaranteed the solution to the problem. One other very important factor is the quality of our classroom floors. As a result of the constant scraping, the hard work and energy expended by our custodians preparing our classrooms every year is damaged within few short weeks. The lustrous appearance of the floors is lost from the constant scraping of the chair feet. I have read about your product and hope that you can guarantee that your Furniture Footies are the answer. If I win and they work, I will encourage all of my colleagues to purchase Furniture Footies for their classroom"


"I am a special education, science teacher for a middle school in Brooklyn, NY. For many of my students, noise is a huge distraction that interferes with their learning. Screeching chairs and desks are a constant source of noise in my small, 12-student classroom. Fidgety students inadvertently squeak their chairs and desks, and normal classroom activity also causes movement of the furniture that creates disruptive noise. In addition, students with behavioral issues often deliberately push their desks or slide their chairs in order to create noise that disrupts the class. 100 Furniture Footies would eliminate noise distractions by silencing every desk and chair in my classroom, enabling me to keep my students on task and focused on learning!"


"I teach an enthusiastic group of second grade kids who need to be able to move around, but our floor is painted concrete. With every shift in their chairs, the legs scrape the floor. Besides causing damage to the paint, this creates a considerable amount of noise in our classroom. It is hard for the students to hear announcements many mornings because of the amount of noise the chairs make when the whole class stands. It is very easy for the chairs to tip over without any floor protection. I do notice a few children stay seated when they really need to get up, because they don't want to disrupt the other students. I found this website and thought it looked like a good product. When I watched the videos, I KNEW it was exactly what I needed in my classroom to solve a huge problem. Unfortunately, I know our school's budget cannot be stretched to cover an expense like this when so many items have already had to be cut. My students and I would love to win this set of Furniture Footies so we can have a calmer and safer environment in which to learn."


"We are in a nearly new school with 3 floors, I am on the second floor. With engagement being the focus in our schools currently, teachers are finding reasons to arrange and re-arrange desks in their classrooms multiple times per per period, which equals many multiple times per day. This not only causes damage to the floors, but creates an inordinate amount of noise to the classrooms below and beside. It is very distracting when my class is testing and the class above me is having a particularly "engaging" lesson. In addition, I feel terribly bad for the class below mine when the desks and chairs in my room need rearranging. This is causing discourse among faculty not to mention the custodial staff which must redo the floors much more often. It would be great to start these on the third floor."


"I am actually writing this because my mom needs a classroom set of these for her classroom. She was recently hired to teach 25 1st graders in a district that is considered nearly all "free/reduced" lunch. Other than her curriculum books and tables/chairs, she has had to supply everything for her classroom out of her own pocket (including shelves). The poverty is evident when you look at the children's "new" school supplies. Some children have no supplies at all. Others have minimal supplies. Last night at the "Meet the Teacher" night, she had 2 parents come to introduce themselves and meet her face to face. These children are entering below grade level and do not need any extra distractions (like noise from scooting chairs) to hinder their learning. They have so many disadvantages already. She has mentioned that purchasing something to help with the chair/table noise is on her list, but she can't buy them yet. It would be awesome if you could win a set! :)"


"I have the greatest pleasure of working with the best group of students...ever. I am a teacher in an oral deaf/hard of hearing special education program of up to 25 students. Our students, most of which have other physical and intellectual challenges, are very sensory oriented as such the noise and vibration of the chairs and tables across the floors are a huge distraction to their learning. It is also a distraction when they are focused on "learning to listen" and making use of residual hearing which is extremely, extremely challenging for our students. When listening becomes too difficult, our students are likely to shut down. The ability to utilize furniture footies in our classroom would be rewarding for many years to come. I hope you will consider our wonderful group of students for this gift."

These are just a sampling of the excellent submissions I received for the Free Footies Contest!  I wish that I could have picked them all!!  Loved reading each and everyone of them!

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