Furniture Footies Are Now New & Improved! No Logo Showing on the Front of the Ball!*
(small logo on the bottom)

* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

Furniture Footies ®

It's not your regular precut tennis ball. Furniture Footies distinct smaller size offers customers a better choice for their floor protection needs. It has a 20mm circular cut opening and attaches effortlessly with no tools necessary to fit most round classroom furniture leg bases of 1.25"- or less diameter with a swivel-like glide. The unique yellow 4mm thick inner core made of natural rubber prevent the ball from splitting or cracking. Furniture Footies thicker polyester blend outer covering protect your floors from scuff marks. It's the quietness you'll love and the floor protection you need!* Recommended for classroom chair leg bases but may have an application on a circular nontapered furniture leg base with a 1" diameter or less. *Image is of the golf ball size footie on a classroom chair and may not fit standard home furniture. *Sample pack for sale to test for proper fit.

The big "rage" within the education field currently are techniques and furniture to help active learners focus on the learning process. Examples: big balls, rocking chairs, and Bouncy Bands. I had a customer even tell me today that they are replacing some of their classroom furniture for these special chairs that students can rock back and forth on.

Furniture Footies golf ball size is such a beneficial application to the above techniques.  The golf ball size footie was designed with a circular cut and when it is applied to a chair base of 1 1/4" or less in diameter it will provide the student with a little bounce and movement. This is because the glide does not rest flat on the base of the ball which allows for that spring action or bounce when a child moves up, down, back, and forth gently on the chair.

Golf Ball Sized Furniture Footies, Gray
Furniture Footies golf ball size charcoal gray.

New and Improved with larger hole for easier application!

Furniture Footies Golf Ball Size has been improved to apply much more easily to the base of a chair leg of 1 1/4" or less. The circular cut has been increased to a 20mm hole cut! This allows easier application yet still allows the ball to remain intact on the chair leg without falling off while furniture is moved about.

I had a former student tell me when he first sat down on a chair that had the golf ball size footies on them "Wow, this is neat!" Kids pick up right away on the bounce effect this product has when applied to chair legs.

Furniture Footies golf ball size kills three not two birds with one stone: protects flooring, quiets plus enhances the learning process!! Get more bang for your buck with Furniture Footies golf ball size floor protector!

Golfball Furniture Footies are recommended for use on chairs only.

Golf Ball Sized Furniture Footies, Navy Blue
Furniture Footies Golf Ball Size Navy Blue

Golf Ball Size Comparison Footie Sizes

How To Apply
"The Golf Ball Size Footie"

Furniture Footies® Golf Ball Size

Furniture Footies offer ideal floor protection for schools, businesses, and homes. Help reduce your floor maintenance costs and save both time and money with Furniture Footies precut tennis balls for chairs.

These chair glides totally eliminate that annoying chair noise distraction when furniture is moved about while keeping your floors in pristine condition. Furniture Footies will protect all types of flooring such as hardwood, laminate, and tile whether it is in your work place or home.

Furniture Footies are Environmentally Friendly/ Non- Toxic Allergenic / No tools necessary. Available now in both charcoal gray, navy, black, and chocolate brown. *Please see video for easy application.  Will fit a base diameter of 1 1/4" or less.

Color Selection

Available now in charcoal gray, navy, black, and chocolate brown.

Charcoal Gray

Navy Blue

Chocolate Brown

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